Freshly Bought: Floral Notebook from MissJournal

07.24.13 / old + newold + new

My old mail-themed journal, which I got before going to England two years ago, is nearly out of blank pages, with maybe a dozen or so left, so last week I ordered myself a brandy-new one. Even when I don’t need a new journal, I’ll browse Etsy for an hour or so picking out ones I like and finding shops to keep in mind when I do need one. I prefer patterned covers and blank pages without lines, but there are always some pretty ones with etchings or designs on the front that I might buy if they were closer to my journal budget. Currently my journals list has thirty-one in it, and I’m sure I’ll add plenty more before I need a new one.

I almost settled on a purple book I had found and liked quite a bit, until I read that the pages were card stock in the description, and I got worried they would be too thick for my preference. So with a little more searching, I discovered this floral notebook from MissJournal on Etsy that immediately caught my attention. When I messaged Meghan, the owner, to ask if “blank” meant lined or unlined (because maybe blank meant lined rather than upcycled patterned pages?–like I said, I really prefer unlined), she got back to me within about ten minutes, and shortly thereafter, I’d ordered the new journal.

So far, I’m pleased with my choice. When the package arrived yesterday, I opened up the mail before even getting out of the car and checked out the notebook, flipping pages and examining the inner linings of the cover. It’s notably smaller than my previous journal, but I don’t mind. The pages are super white and a little thin, like your average printer paper, so I may not use Sharpie pens in this one, but overall I’m happy, and just might go back when I fill this one because Meghan’s journals are all so pretty; I could easily choose another one from her shop.


2 thoughts on “Freshly Bought: Floral Notebook from MissJournal

  1. ❤ I am a (excuse the language!) journal whore. I love them. I can't get enough of them. However, they're also very special. Little luxuries. It's not like "oh, a journal" it's more like "OH! A NEW JOURNAL!" and I spend a while looking over the entire thing. The same can be said for grimoires. Right now, I have my eye on this journal for regular journaling, scheduling and note taking:

    I highly recommend the ENTIRE store for everything, and now I'll go get out Meghan's journals. I LOVE Etsy.

    • I do enjoy boygirlparty! I’ve seen their books (and other items) a few times and think they’re adorable. I think I have a notepad saved for when I need a new grocery list.

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