It’s Friday; I’m in Love #5

08.02.13 / sweet tea

This week’s been about: working on Find Your Voice, writing, reading Hitchhiker’s Guide books, finishing up a new zine, and trying to jump into the blogging community. Overall, it hasn’t been a bad week. I’ve been productive and enthusiastic about everything I’m working on, and I plan on keeping up this momentum. When I’m not being productive I’m relaxing, so Dan and I are still working our way through “Supernatural” (season five!), went to a movie on Wednesday, and while he works I watch “The Wonder Years.” Thank goodness for Netflix.

good blog talks + good blog friends ♥ feeling like I’m successfully writing my book ♥ creepy looking cat pictures ♥ all kinds of packages on the way ♥ hanging fun art in the apartment ♥ finding a routine ♥ nights I can’t sleep because I have too many ideas ♥ kids week on Jeopardy! ♥ “The To-Do List” ♥ publishing issue 002 of Small Parts ♥ rain ♥ sending out plenty of mail ♥ finishing up my first month back at blogging ♥ cleaning up my desk ♥ homemade cinnamon buns ♥ an abundance of burrito dates ♥ comfy outfits of a baggy ol’ Ramones shirt and cute shorts ♥ Arizona sweet tea

Three ways to make next week great:

  • Finish the next issue of One-Girl Bicycle Club. I have a lot written for this, and I feel like it’s great stuff. I’m more and more pleased with it each issue, and as usual this is my favorite one yet. This is kind of a lofty goal because it takes a fair amount of work to finish, and I still have some bits to write, but it’s certainly a possibility.
  • Getting back on track with my book. Even though this past week was pretty good in terms of working on it, I’ve been slacking overall the last few. Next week is going to start fresh and full of enthusiasm. I’m determined to get this draft done by the end of the month, so I can begin editing in September. I’d really like to get a new printer by then too.
  • Play some Sims 3. I’ve been saying for about three weeks (since the night I made Enid + Rebecca) that I was going to play again for a while, but I haven’t been able to find the time for some reason. I really love The Sims because I can actively help out my people, or I can read a book and let them do their thing. So I need to get another bit of time in, and soon.

“It’s Friday; I’m in Love” is a weekly gratitude post. It aims to remind myself and others of the good things from the past week, big and small; to share ways to make the next week a positive one; and to serve as a record to look back on for the not-so-great days to come. The title comes from the song by The Cure.


4 thoughts on “It’s Friday; I’m in Love #5

  1. !!! My sisters gave Jen and I Supernatural season one for my birthday. We’re excited to start watching. ^_^ I also love rain, homemade cinnamon buns and cute baggy yet fitting comfy clothes! I am also craving AriZona Tea now, mmmm. ♥ Happy Friday, lovely lady!

  2. aww my old Ramones tee is one of my summer staples. The best! Did you like ‘the to-do list’? I was thinking of watching it solely for the nostalgia factor.

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