Dream Job: Book/Zine Shop Owner

08.14.13 / future trailer drawingI like my drawing so much I want to frame it by my desk

Recently, I’ve been thinking about my two dream jobs. I don’t even remember how I started thinking about them; I mean, I’m always thinking about being a writer who can actually live off of her work. That one shouldn’t be anything new. But my plan to own a book & zine shop is one I started having about a year ago and a half ago, and when it popped up again recently, I fell back in love with it.

I imagine having a bookstore much like Kaelah’s Honeybean shop: a 1950s-60s camper trailer modified into a shop. It’d be filled with zines on racks, zines hanging clothes pinned to strings, and books lining as many shelves as I can fit. As cool as it would be to have an actual storefront (and maybe someday I will), I really love the idea of starting out with a trailer. It feels cozier and more conducive to the image I’d want to give off for the shop. Maybe if I really want to start small, I could open a zine distro to begin with. Can you just imagine the little steps to take with each growing bit? Distro to zine fest tabling to trailer to eventual storefront: I love it.

I also think that having the bookstore would be a fun supplement to writing. I could plan my schedules for the two around each other or even write while I have down time in the shop (if that’s even a thing–I don’t know what owning a bookstore is like). It would be all of my favorite things at the tips of my fingers: books and zines everywhere, time to write. I would be surrounded by words.

The last time I was thinking about this, I wasn’t putting a ton of thought into it further than looking up vintage camper trailers on Google Images. Now that it’s come back up, though, I want to start putting more time into it, because although it isn’t something I can start right away for various (mostly financial + spacial) reasons, it can’t hurt to have a good plan when I finally can do it. Besides, it’s fun to dream, and writing down real ideas makes me feel productive. I’ve already got the new distro idea, so who knows what else could come from simply brainstorming?

There’s this freedom I associate with having these two jobs together because I’m convinced that they’re both perfect for me; I already know that writing is. I’m really particular about having a job that makes me happy and having a book and zine shop, no matter how small, would be fun and fulfilling.


8 thoughts on “Dream Job: Book/Zine Shop Owner

  1. I love trailer shops! I’m familiar with Wanderlust Vintage. That drawing is lovely 🙂 I think running a zine/bookshop would be a great job–starting with a distro online sounds like a very good plan.

    • I haven’t seen Wanderlust, but I did a quick search for their blog and I love it! I like the way there are products outside too, which I hadn’t even thought of. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes my plan! Sometimes I have to wonder if I’m just overexcited and missing out on reality, so a little reassurance is nice.

  2. This is such a rad idea! It definitely can’t ever hurt to have a rough plan; I’d love to see this happen one day. You’re clearly super passionate about it – I mean, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by words like that? Good luck! 🙂

  3. Sounds rad to me and you could hit up music festivals like SXSW! It never hurts to dream and make awesome plans! I’ve always wanted a little store front shop to sell handmade and local music, and have a studio in the back to teach art/crafts to all ages! 🙂

  4. I adore your dream and share the same one on writing. I also love your camper drawing. My husband and I are working toward buying an RV camper and living in it, while traveling, full-time and so it gave me a wide smile to see that drawing of yours. 🙂

  5. i love this so much! since i make books i’ve often thought about having a mobile shop that i can sell them out of! i think i might start off by having booths at different fairs and see how that goes but being up to just pickup and go wherever sounds so dreamy to me!

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