52 Weeks of Tarot: A Learning Project

08.24.13 / tarot notebook + cards
I’ve been “into” Tarot for a long time. Long time. Like ten years or so long time. But in all those years, I have yet to actually grow comfortable and knowledgeable in the subject. I read some books, played around with spreads, but I never really did anything to immerse myself in the art. Instead it’s been a pretty shallow interest. I have a habit of wandering to the Tarot (and generally “new age”) section of bookstores, do Etsy searches, and don’t get me started on checking around Aeclectic Tarot.

I’ve also wanted to do a year-long project. I’ve tried the 365 Project, but got behind at some point or another in each attempt; it just wasn’t something I could keep up with. Then I started seeing other, less intense projects using different timelines and numbers, and it turned out that “fifty-two” sounded really great to me because it would only take time from each week, rather than each day. I could do that.

Thus emerged my 52 Weeks of Tarot project, which I don’t doubt someone has probably done before. It started with my notes: a collection of definitions in one place, condensed from books, sites, and my own interpretations. Even though it seemed to take forever, I promised myself I would start the project only after I had finished the definitions, allowing myself an easier time when I finally began. I also decided that even though it might turn out that way, I’m not going to try avoiding repeat spreads. It isn’t a Tarot spread project; it’s about learning to read the cards and getting more comfortable. I don’t expect I’ll get the same reading twice if I reuse a layout, so I’m giving myself the freedom to repeat any I may like or if I can’t find a new one some week.

The first week, I “messed up” (not really) because after I did my reading, I realized a good idea would be to put the spread on the left page and the interpretation on the right. But when I started, I put the spread on the right-hand side and ended up with the interpretation on the left. Oh well. I’ve finally gotten into the groove of it, though, and now I’m excited to share both the project and a few resources I’ve discovered over time to help me with my card summaries + spreads.
08.24.13 / tarot notebook + cards

  • Tarot Teachings. I checked this while writing up my notes, but I didn’t necessarily write down a lot from it. Rather, it’s a good way to get a story going in the cards. The descriptions of each have nice depth and give you a feeling of “who” the card is.
  • Learn Tarot. I used this one a lot for my notes. While the interpretations pages may be a little oversimplified, they’re good for starting out. They can help as a guide, while still being basic enough not to get bogged down in. If you don’t feel like The Star is really showing you hope today, you don’t have to stick to it. There are other suggestions, and you of course should always go with your gut, anyway.
  • Aeclectic Tarot. This is the site I’ve used for the longest, though I mostly like to browse decks on it rather than learn. Still, it has good pages for reading through, and it does include a section titled “learn,” so I’m sure it’ll prove useful outside of just making  a wishlist.
  • Tarotgram. I just found this about a week ago when I was browsing tumblr, and immediately followed the instagram account. I actually found the first spread of the project here, their “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” spread. How could I resist that? But it also has cute graphics with daily cards, weekly spreads, and some other fun photos. Plus it’s good to keep inspired when lazily scrolling through my instagram feed.
  • 78 Nights of Tarot. Probably one of my favorite pages, particularly for how well-organized their available spreads are. You can choose by number of cards, category, shape or frequency–or just scroll through the list. I expect to use this a lot as I go.

And to end, some questions: Would you be interested in a post about the decks I have? And are you interested in joining in on the project? (Either way, I’ll be tagging mine with #52weeksoftarot on instagram.)


8 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Tarot: A Learning Project

  1. This is an awesome project 🙂 I’ve had an even shallower interest in Tarot cards for a little while now, so I think these posts may do me some good and get me to actually jump in and learn something about them. I can’t wait to see me 🙂

  2. This project sounds awesome and super interesting. I would like to see your decks. 🙂 I don’t know much about tarot, I won an Amy Brown deck at my local New Age store, and read through the book that came with it. Definitely something I would like to learn more about.

  3. I just started delving into tarot, my blog talks about (will be talking about, not so very much there are the moment) my journey learning tarot, so I’m VERY interested in learning along with you!

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