My Tarot Reading from Rachael of Talk2TheTrees

Last week I was lucky enough to get a tarot reading via Skype from Rachael, and it was fun in a variety of ways, not the least of which being that I could compare it to my first reading at a fair a few years ago–and Rachael’s reading was miles better than that one.

She wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about working with the Tarot more and when I commented on it, she offered a free one to me, so why would I say no to that? (Aside from anxiety at talking with new people, which I combated by simply not talking much when she called–sorry!) We set up a time, and she called me on Skype one afternoon last week. The reading wasn’t long, only about ten minutes or so, but it was creepy in an awesome way. A lot of what she told me felt specific and actually relevant to what we were discussing, unlike my reading at the fair where I would get questions like, “Does someone in your family have an interest in photography?” Those were a little too generic for me. But Rachael did such a wonderful job of describing the cards to me, both their image and meaning, and giving fairly concrete suggestions for what they could mean.
09.03.13 / reading from rachael

photo via Rachael

After, she also sent me an email with a photo of the spread she had done so I could see the cards for myself, along with everything she had told me so I could look back at the email if I had forgotten anything, which is of course super convenient. I did take notes while she spoke to me, but they weren’t as thorough as the email, so they’re only good for quick reference and reminders, not deep thoughts.

I don’t really feel like sharing what she told me about the cards because I tend to keep interpretations pretty close to myself, maybe sharing with Dan or my friend Kat, but I like sharing photos of the spreads that I get, both in this case and when I do my own readings. The spreads themselves don’t feel as personal; it’s the interpretations that really make it in my opinion, so I’m not as hesitant to let others come up with their own meanings when they see what I get since they probably come out differently. (Does all of that make sense?)

All of this to say: If you get the chance to get your cards read by Rachael, I recommend it. It’s fun, revealing, and she’s a total sweetheart.


3 thoughts on “My Tarot Reading from Rachael of Talk2TheTrees

  1. Yay! Thanks!! I might use some of these words as a review sort of a thing once I get my site going… and oh my! I get such anxiety when meeting new people and talking to people I don’t know! I hope you couldn’t tell I was nervous!

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