Remembering to Take Care

10.8.13 / fall
I had a whole post finally finished for today, then when I went outside to take pictures, I decided it wasn’t what I wanted to publish. Not right now. So instead I’m just going to type, talk, share how I’m feeling.

And I’m feeling good. Quite good, in fact. I had a bad day yesterday, stuck doing plenty of things I didn’t want to and didn’t enjoy–waking up early, working a cash register, driving through the rain–only to come home to find the power out after having to navigate my way to the apartment when I discovered our road was closed from one end. Dan and I went to dinner at Friendly’s, which wasn’t actually that good, to get out of the darkness, and I spent the whole time laughing. The combination of sugar, tiredness, and a ridiculous day just hit me, and instead of falling apart, nothing really got to me anymore. We waited a while to get seated, but I shrugged it off, and as it turned out, I wasn’t the only person having an off day–obviously! (Because it can be easy to forget that most likely when you’re having a bad day, someone else out there is too.) Two of the servers had their own mishaps, and one of them was working on our table, so I made sure to let them know it was okay. Forgetting to bring me a box was not going to ruin my day. With the power out, it wasn’t as if we were in any hurry, and rightly so since it was still out when we got home.

Eventually it came back and we watched a little TV. I did some reading, and I went to bed at the same time I do on a night before work, even though today is my day off. This morning, woke around eight, which was lucky for Dan since he overslept, and I’ve been working slowly on reading blogs, cleaning out emails, and watching The X-Files, since getting off the phone with my dad earlier.

I also sent Rachael an email, which I’ve wanted to do for a few days, to tell her about my new job and how it connects with the Tarot reading she did for me a few weeks ago. Spoiler alert: It reflects amazingly on the reading. It’s a bit spooky, and I love it.

Today, and the next couple of days, are all about self-care: bubble baths, books, X-Files marathons; loud music, falling leaves, new knitting projects; and MLP coloring books, tea, lilac wax melts. Clearly not every day is going to be as exciting as my first two at my new job; I need to remember to get through the bad parts, and to use even the small things (like a My Little Pony coloring book) to take care of myself.

I know this positive feeling is going to wane at some point, but I want to ride it all the way through to the end, feed it with what makes me happy, and I don’t want to waste a minute.

10.8.13 / fall

Tell me how you’ve been feeling lately, how you’re feeling now, how you take care of yourself.


2 thoughts on “Remembering to Take Care

  1. I’m mostly feeling tired lol. We’ve been sleeping on the living room floor so I would say sore too. I haven’t been productive since Amelia won’t sleep. I feel pretty bummed that I can’t go hang out at my husband’s show tonight. But I think I’ll eat Halloween Oreos, watch something fun on Netflix and hang with Amelia. I think it’s always good to remember you’re not the only one who has bad days. And bubble baths always help! Now if only I could conjure up a pumpkin beer, I’d feel a bit better 🙂

    Ps sometimes I want to get a reading from Rachael, but I’m kinda scared. Is that weird?

  2. Bad days happen. And sometimes it just gets to the point where you have to laugh it off and carry on. I’m a huge fan of “personal days” – days when you can take care of yourself and not worry about the things that *should* get done. I’m glad the day seemed to turn itself around eventually, and many more happy days to come! xo

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