A Look at My Life as a Knitter

Knitted Leaf Cowl & Yellow Striped Slouch HatNow that the weather’s rapidly cooling, it’s much easier for me to throw myself into my knitting. I don’t have to worry about sweaty hands, wool making my lap uncomfortable, or half-finished projects as a result of the heat. Now, I can choose a project and finish it in a day or two (three if I get distracted with other activities), feeling productive with each one I create.

I’ve been knitting since late high school, and for a long time I just made scarves and simple hats–straight needle items, mostly. I wanted to branch out, but I didn’t have the dedication or the patience. I remember in freshman year of college I tried making fingerless gloves, but I only ended up quitting because I wasn’t having fun, and I wasn’t going fast enough. Now, I’m planning on working on mittens next to go with the leaves cowl and hat I’ve made (as long as I have enough yarn). I might not put leaves in them, but I think the color alone will be worth matching, and it’ll be something else I’ve never made before. And now knitting has become an activity that helps me relax, so it’s less about finishing quickly and more about learning, creating, and meditating (as my new friend Kristina put it yesterday).

Knitted Tarot Bag

I’m finally at the point in my knitting (and maybe my life?! No, no, that’s silly…) where I want to start doing bigger, more complicated projects. I want to make fair isle sweaters and novelty hats with words and phrases in them. I want to make cardigans for  myself rather than buying them and learn to make patterns within patterns, like the leaves in my matching set.

These are the pieces I’ve worked on most recently, with the striped hat being the oldest (from early September). I’ve definitely been on a roll with my knitting, and unlike what usually happens, I haven’t gotten burned out yet. I’m just working steadily, and I think part of what helps is that I haven’t done the same thing twice in a row. I did a hat, bag, cowl, then another hat. Plus, the bag and cowl were my first of each, so they were a nice change. Often I’ll do two or three of the same item (sometimes by request from friends), so I get tired of working for a while.
Knitted Leaf Hat

I don’t know if I’m going to start seriously selling any of my knitting because it’s definitely the kind of item that saturates the handmade market right now. If I have some extra items lying around that have no place to go in terms of friends and family, then I’m not against listing them on Etsy alongside my zines, but selling isn’t my main goal. Knitting isn’t my niche; writing is. Like most creative people, though, I have different outlets, and at some point this apartment is going to burst at the seams with how much knitting I’ve been doing.

Patterns used: the leaving cowl / striped + slouchy hat / the goddess tarot bag / leaves hat–a combination of patterns


4 thoughts on “A Look at My Life as a Knitter

  1. Your knitting is beautiful! And for your mittens, if you have that whole skein there of the matching yarn, you should have more than enough yarn to complete them.

    I’m totally going to be knitting up that tarot bag – thanks for posting the pattern!

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