It’s Friday; I’m in Love #14

10.11.13 / RVIVR swag

Last night, I dragged Dan out to Easthampton–or maybe I made him drag me, since he drove–so we could see RVIVR (for the first time!) and some local bands. They were all great, and super weird, and it was such a fun night, even though it had a bit of a crappy start because we got there about an hour and a half before anyone played. It was one of those experiences I’m still trying to put into words without just saying, “It was amazing,” over and over. Not only was it fun just being there and seeing bands play, but also in one of the other rooms of the building there was a zine workshop going on. I told Dan the entire place and experience were very “me.” Now if only I could make friends with the kind of people who were there.

blog inspiration ♥ an enjoyable job ♥ seeing RVIVR live ♥ Sunny D for 99 cents ♥ “Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space'”=one of my favorite X-Files episodes ♥ Halloween Oreos ♥ American Horror Story: Coven starting ♥ silly grocery shopping purchases ♥ endless browsing of yarn online ♥ zine trades ♥ lots of zine inspiration ♥ reminding myself I have a library card now ♥ In Cold Blood by Truman Capote ♥ sharing my knitting projects ♥ lots of journaling

Three ways to make next week great:

  • Finish + return my library books. I was so determined to finish Homeward Bound as soon as possible that I neglected my library books. They’re not due for another week or so, but it still feels odd not to finish them in the first few days I checked them out. But I’m excited to finish them and pick up some more; my love for the library knows no bounds.
  • Start saving for a turntable. This really just consists of saving $20 or so a week from my paychecks so I can finally listen to the two records I have sitting in the living room (RVIVR + The Julie Ruin). I think my first attempt will be to find a used one if I can find a good thrift store that could have one. Unfortunately I don’t know much about turntables; I guess this is the time to learn, right?
  • Get ready for Pumpkin Fest. This weekend is going to be a big one at work, with everyone coming in for Columbus Day weekend, so my plan after Monday is to relax and start getting ready for Pumpkin Fest: deciding how much money I can bring, resting up for all the walking around, and deciding what to bring for a camera. It’ll be my first year as more of a “tourist” at Pumpkin Fest now that I’ve graduated, but I don’t expect it to be much different. Except maybe that I have actual money to bring now.

“It’s Friday; I’m in Love” is a weekly gratitude post. It aims to remind myself and others of the good things from the past week, big and small; to share ways to make the next week a positive one; and to serve as a record to look back on for the not-so-great days to come. The title comes from the song by The Cure.


4 thoughts on “It’s Friday; I’m in Love #14

  1. I love going to shows, listening to new bands, and buying band merch! i own tons of band tees! If i could find an old record player I would be in heaven! They seem to hold up better than these newer POS ones. I want to go to pumpkin fest! sounds like so much fun! I want to get a library card soon because I want to read The Happiest Baby on the Block books and figure out how to get Amelia to go to sleep…lol but for real.

  2. I’ve NEVER heard live music, save for passing a little band who was playing for a carnival when I was like… 5. Jen’s been wanting to take me one for years, but tickets are either too expensive right now, or we have no way of actually going. We definitely want to attend one together, though.

    We so badly wanted to see George Strait in concert. Brad Paisley, and Kenny Chesney, would be wonderful as well! Or Jimmy Buffett!!! I wouldn’t mind hearing Neon Trees live, either.

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