It’s Friday; I’m in Love #16

And my full setDrawing up hat pattern ideas

My life feels so dominated by knitting lately, and I’m okay with that for the time being. I finished my first pair of mittens this week, which I’m super proud of, and I’m moving on to start learning Fair Isle/Intarsia. I’ve been drawing out my own designs and looking at patterns others have made to start with.

In other news, last weekend, Dan and I learned something awful: Our favorite Indian restaurant had gone out of business. We’d been looking forward all week to going with some friends, and we all ended up having to eat at Applebee’s instead at the last minute. But last night, we went to Northampton and Dan agreed to try one of the restaurants there, although he was saying for days that it was still too soon. The restaurant was definitely a hit, at least with me, and even though it’ll never really fill the void left in our hearts by India Pavilion, it’ll do well enough to fill the void in our stomachs.

new yarn ♥ new comic books ♥ finishing my first pair of mittens ♥ Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 making references to Stephen King novels ♥ so many cat cuddles ♥ Chucky + Tiffany ♥ finding a new Indian restaurant, even if it’s a little pricey ♥ going days without turning on my computer ♥ Dan’s first time watching “Scream” and “Hocus Pocus” in their entirety ♥ this awesome Ghost World pouch I just ordered ♥ good days with friends ♥ Snapple ♥ winning Shawna‘s giveaway

Three ways to make next week great:

  • Hit a new personal record. Specifically, with how many knitted items I make in a week. Usually I can finish one project, but I have two or three that I’d like to finish in the next week, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s my goal.
  • Finish “The X-Files” season five. I seriously neglected the show this past week, opting to watch “Ghost Hunters International” on Netflix instead. Today I’m finishing season four, and if I combine knitting with X-Files, I should be able to manage both goals next week.
  • List something new on my Etsy. This really means a zine. The shop feels old and stagnant to me right now, with nothing new since August, when I listed my second issue of Small Parts. It’s a fun issue, but it’s short; I want to list something new with a bit more length to it.

“It’s Friday; I’m in Love” is a weekly gratitude post. It aims to remind myself and others of the good things from the past week, big and small; to share ways to make the next week a positive one; and to serve as a record to look back on for the not-so-great days to come. The title comes from the song by The Cure.


6 thoughts on “It’s Friday; I’m in Love #16

  1. oh, no! RIP India Pavilion! my favorite place in Nashville is actually a vegetarian indian restaurant that has a buffet for lunchtime. it is seriously the most incredible food i’ve ever had. i’m glad you found a (semi) stand in though! i’m so impressed by your knitting skills. needlework like that is just beyond me!

    i like the idea of going days without a computer but i have to use mine for work. oh well, maybe in my next life i can just do whatever i want all day?! have a great weekend, sonya!

    • Oh, I have no idea what I would do in a buffet. Probably end up needing to be rolled out; my love for Indian food knows no bounds, including that of my stomach’s size.

  2. Your mittens are adorable!! I can only hope that I will be half as good as you at knitting by the end of my knitting adventure! Your blog is lovely too!
    Currently in awe 😀
    All the best!

  3. All your knitting is amazing! We only have 1 Indian food restaurant here, we haven’t been in a while bc it’s pricey. I’m glad you found a place to sorta fill the void. I’m excited for you to get your package! I need to start watching x-files.

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