These Are a Few of My Favorite Zines

Zines: Telegram, The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes, Motor City Kitty
(I came up with that title yesterday while I was in the shower. It’s really not an exaggeration when people say great ideas can come to you in the shower.)

Sometimes it feels like I have a near-constant stream of zines arriving in the mail, and that is not a bad thing. This week alone I received a new order of a few issues on Monday, plus I have another I expect by Friday. I have two overflowing DIY-decorated cereal boxes in my living room, so it only makes sense that I’d have some staples in my collection, right? Right. I’ve probably talked about these zines at least once before, but that’s because they are wholeheartedly and unabashedly my favorites, for a variety of reasons.

The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes by Amber Dearest. Amber’s zine Culture Slut was the first I ever ordered. When she stopped writing that one, it was a little sad, but I quickly recovered when she started writing under The Triumph of Our Tired eyes, and I’d have to say that Amber’s newest issue is my favorite so far. She chronicles her weeks traveling on tour with bands Xtramedium and Bad Hex, encountering sexist/classist people, and trying 140 different sodas. I love Amber’s zine because not only did this issue feel like a tour diary, but each issue (and those of her older zine, Culture Slut) reads like a diary entry or a letter to a friend. It fits the bill of personal zine effectively. You can get Amber’s zines at

Motor City Kitty by Brianna Dearest. As I was going through my collection, this definitely stood out as a zine which needed to be on this list. Not only does Brianna’s zine have an especially poignant place in my heart because it reminds me of my first trip to Chicago, but it also has some of my favorite presentation of content. Brianna’s drawings also bring to life the stories she shares, offering a little something more (and different) from others I read. (Though to be honest, a lot of my favorites include at least a few doodles within their pages.)  You can get Motor City Kitty from Brianna at

Telegram by Maranda Elizabeth. I feel like maybe I talk about Maranda a lot, but I’m always inspired and enraptured by the things they do, so I just want to keep talking about it all. Telegram is another perzine, this one discussing mental health, genderqueer life, and self-care with a voice that makes me invested, interested, and absolutely astounded at the honesty. Maranda holds nothing back, it seems. I find myself learning so much from every issue, and it’s one zine I find myself absolutely needing to order as soon as possible after a new one is out. You can get Telegram (and some other wonderful zines) from Maranda at

Honorable mentionsSonorus: Feminist Perspectives on Harry Potter, The Radical Uprise, Lady Teeth. All different, all awesome. Go forth and read!


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