Meet My Comics Collection, Part Three: The Favorites

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
Okay, so I’ve been talking about comics quite a bit over my last few posts. Maybe you’re tired of it, maybe you’re not–I don’t know. But I’m totally not done sharing, because I have yet another post of my collection today, this time a bit of a summary. You might have noticed that in my last two comics posts, I didn’t delve too deeply into any individual issues or books, but rather giving an overview of what I have and sharing a little personal background. I have a feeling you can probably figure out why I structured it that way at this point (especially if you read the title of this post).

Today I’m sharing five of my favorites pieces from my entire comics collection. In my eyes they’re non-traditional comics (i.e, not superheros), and they’re not published by either of the big two. I don’t know if that actually has any bearing on whether or not they’re my favorite. I just like the stories. I like the characters. I like what these three sets have to offer, and hopefully I’m not the only one.
Tank Girl
Tank Girl /Tank Girl was my firstfirstfirst comic book, so that alone gives it huge sentimental value. But it’s also just a damn good comic book. It’s not superhero like Batman or Wonder Woman or anyone, but in my mind it’s still so influential. With her look and her attitude, for a wannabe-punk teen girl like I was in high school (and still feel like most days, minus the “teen”), Tank Girl can be such a role model. The funny thing about this is that for so long I had no clue Tank Girl the movie was based on a comic book. Of course, when I found out I made it my mission to start collecting, because I already had the movie (which remains one of my favorites both for reasons of both camp and genuine love). And so Tank Girl became my the first piece added to my collection of comics, ordered from Amazon sometime around my sophomore year of high school.

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys /I started reading the Fabulous Killjoys after listening to the Gerard Way interview on the Nerdist podcast, multiple times. He sounds like such a nice guy and I was fascinated when I learned he worked on comics. I was especially excited to find out that the series wasn’t that far along when I heard about it, so it was easy for me to get into it. One thing I love about this series is the way it ties into MCR’s Danger Days album. Listening to the album after reading the comics gives a whole new perspective to the album; first I would listen fairly superficially, but eventually I started really hearing the story, guided by the series. I feel like it’s not often that two pieces meld so well together to tell a story–intentionally or not–but this is such a cool way of creating a world. But don’t think you need to listen to the album to enjoy the series; it’s definitely good on its own.

Ghost World: Special Edition /It’s probably pretty expected for a weird girl to love Ghost World like I do. I’d have to admit that I love the book and the movie (I’m a sucker for ScarJo + Thora Birch, and my hair is growing out at the moment to Enid’s style in the movie), and this was another one of those movies that I saw before knowing it was based on a comic. I think was another book with a bit of sentimentality as well; I always love looks at teen girl friendships because mine were never that great. I had teen girl friends, but I’m only really look fondly at two of them and I don’t talk much to the two girls anymore, so Ghost World just brings up a lot of feelings, and I love any media that can do that. (Perks of Being a Wallflower does it too.) Also, this is another example of what I wish I was like in terms of cool. While Tank Girl was just all-around badass, Ghost World has two girls who are just plain cool, simple as that.
Ghost World
My list actually ended up being shorter than I intended (or expected) because it was so easy for me to choose favorites. Usually when I try to choose a top list of something, it turns into a collection of ten or fifteen items; I was expecting to narrow it to around five for this, but as it turns out I was so, well, picky with this that I managed to whittle it all the way down to three without any challenge. And that’s okay, because I also ended up having a lot more to say than I had thought.

And don’t forget to take a look at Part One: The Singles and Part Two: The Books.


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