Short Reflections on Poetry

2.4.14 / t.s. eliot

I wish people read more poetry more often. It seems like all the experience I ever had with poetry was school related or on my own, with little outside influence. No one talks about poetry on tumblr, outside of the occasional quote; rather, it seems like memoirs and novels are the “it” forms these days, which is fine. It simply gets a little lonely reading poetry by myself, no one to discuss it with. It was nice going to readings during school, even if attendance was usually a class requirement.

Last week I did a little reading on tumblr of Sylvia Plath’s Ella Mason and Her Eleven Cats, and I’ve decided to start making it a weekly thing, giving me the opportunity to read more poetry and to share it with others. As you can see, I’m planning on reading a little T.S. Eliot this week, though choosing a poem’s been a bit difficult because a lot of them seem to have French or German lines that I don’t want to butcher when I read them, and strange little me doesn’t want to read a cat poem two weeks in a row, so I’m avoiding the Practical Cats collection. I’ll find something, I’m sure.

There’s a book sale at the library this Saturday, and I’m hoping to get another book or two of poetry. I have a decent collection at the moment–Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot (my newest, just bought on Sunday)–but I worry about not having enough of a variety for reading aloud. Plus, I’d really like to broaden my own knowledge of poetry, and adding to my set of books should help with that.

And a last little note: I’ve been working more on my own poetry lately, some prose, some more traditional. There’s a somewhat local (county-wide) poetry competition coming up, and I’m hoping to submit a few pieces. It’ll only cost me the price of a stamp (which Dan always buys, anyway), so it shouldn’t hurt much more than my pride, right?

I’ve just been gaining a real fondness and appreciation for poetry lately, and I wanted to share that.


3 thoughts on “Short Reflections on Poetry

  1. i love this post. i took a poetry workshop in college and it was so beneficial to my writing. i’ve always debated about wether or not i should share poetry on my blog (either mine or favorite poets) but the one time i did it was very well received (i shared my fave RIlke poem). tons of people commented that they wished they read/wrote/shared more poetry, which was really encouraging. i have a post lined up soon where i am sharing a poem i wrote as part of a book i made, and funnily enough it’s about my cat. i’m currently working on a handmade chapbook commission that is filled with someone else’s songs and lyrics + the inspiration i got from you recording that poem has got me dreaming up a new poetry related feature for my blog that i’m excited to share with everyone.

    so in short, i’m glad you voiced your appreciation (and good luck on the poetry competition!).

  2. Poetry does feel a bit underappreciated, especially compared to novels and whatnot. I had to be in the right mindset to read it, but I miss my days reading and discussing poetry in class. Marvell’s “Damon the Mower” poems are some of my favorite pieces of literature ever.

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