A General Update

2.12.14 / desk top
I haven’t really done any general life-oriented updates in a while (if at all), and even though my Friday posts can do that, they’re very quick and list-oriented. Once in a while, it’s nice to just talk.

Writing / I’ve been more actively writing in the last few weeks than I have in months. During the week, I have the whole day to write while Dan’s at work, so I get blog posts done and work on poetry, zines, or short stories. I’ve been reading through the 2013 Writer’s Market to get some ideas of places to submit and contests to keep in mind through the year. The dates won’t be the same, obviously, but at least it makes me aware of them. Of course, one problem is that I’ve been writing a lot of poetry lately (I think I like the instant gratification of getting a draft done in under an hour), and a lot of the listings say, “no poetry.” Can’t win them all, I suppose.

When I finish my writing for a day (I try to require at least an hour or three handwritten pages at minimum before I can even think of doing something else) then I get as much time as I want to do other thimgs, which is usually reading. I was really proud of how many books I finished last month, and I’m hoping to keep it up through February on top of working on all kinds of writing. I need to finishing revising some poems for the county contest and really work on organizing my portfolio. I have pieces sitting in various folders both on my computer and on my desk, digital and physical, so that’s something I’ll need to take a day to really look through and get cleaned up.

Thoughts + General / I noticed over the weekend that I didn’t go on tumblr much again. It wasn’t even a conscious thing; I just wasn’t interested in browsing through my dashboard, and when I did open it up it was only for a few minutes of scrolling before I got bored. Instead I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at home renovation and decorating ideas. This possibility of getting a house with Dan soon really has me putting Pinterest to the test, filling up boards with kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom ideas, along with some general home decorating possibilities. Of cuorse, then I fall into the hole of homesteading possibilities. I’ve got gardening on the brain on top of decorating and renovating, and we don’t even have an actual house yet, only some hopefuls (one in particular) that we want to get a look inside of first. I did spend a lot of Monday night (into Tuesday morning…) trying to build this most recent house we like in The Sims 3 based solely on the pictures online.

I’ve also been watching a lot of ASMR videos on youtube, usually before bed, and occasionally I fall asleep to them with my laptop open on my chest and Dan snoring next to me and the cat piled onto my legs. Then I wake up just enough to turn off my laptop, put it on the floor, and take off my glasses. If I’m lucky, I manage all that without bothering the cat so he doesn’t run away and sleep in the living room instead. I think I’ve become mildly infatuated with ASMR though. It’s somewhat of a nightly thing, which is in some ways silly of course because watching videos too frequently makes me insensitive to the triggers. But I just can’t get enough.

And those are the biggest things going on lately, I suppose. I do some research assistant work a few hours each week, keep looking for more work, and use whatever time I can for reading and writing during the day. It’s not all bad.


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