It’s Friday; I’m in Love #29

Writing NotebookCabled Fingerless Mitt WIP

Happy Valentine’s Day! If that’s the kind of mood you’re in. If not, then happy Friday! And if you’re just not happy, then have a hug.

I’m spending today getting a chunk of those knitted mitts done (I had to undo about ten rows last night when I realized I held a cable to the front, not the back) and watching “Weeds” on Netflix. I woke up to a box of chocolates and a pack of Reese’s hearts, which I partially ate in bed before taking a shower, and I’ll probably have a few more before we go to dinner tonight. I do hope to save a few for a bubble bath tomorrow night. I’ve never had that “bubble bath with chocolates” luxury before, so it’ll be fun.

starting new knitting projects ♥ “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking,” narrated by Smaug ♥ new moleskines covered in stickers ♥ window shopping on Etsy + real shopping at Target ♥ reorganizing my bookcases ♥ waiting for an order from Pioneers Press ♥ books on gardening + homesteading ♥ dreaming about houses + building them in The Sims 3 ♥ nice people on tumblr (mostly zinesters)

“It’s Friday; I’m in Love” is a (mostly) weekly gratitude post. It aims to remind myself and others of the good things from the past week, big and small; to share ways to make the next week a positive one; and to serve as a record to look back on for the not-so-great days to come. The title comes from the song by The Cure.


4 thoughts on “It’s Friday; I’m in Love #29

  1. Yay for Reese’s. We don’t have plans. I didn’t even get cards or anything. It sounds like our meeger plans of sushi take out are being crashed by my BIL, his GF, and all his kids…I haven’t even cleaned my house I’m that excited (sarcasm). I tried to make chocolates last night, but they taste funny. Last years were better. I did get lots of happy mail today, that I ordered myself. I almost feel like ordering a few more things because I’m in a mood lol What cute outfit are you wearing to dinner? Can’t wait to hear about your fun evening! The gloves look lovely!

  2. I totally did the ‘chocolate in a bath’ last night! My hubs got me my fave fudge for Valentines (we celebrated Wed since he wasn’t working) and I definitely brought some in with me for a spa night. And if I ever listened to audio books, I hope they would all be narrated by Smaug! 🙂 Love those gloves – some of my fave colors.

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