Work Ethics, Writing, and Life

3.5.14 / writing
I have no fancy post planned for today. No “how-to” or “reasons why” post. I’ve been trying to write one for a few days now, with seven different half-finished drafts sitting in their folder, but nothing wants to come together quite yet. I didn’t want to miss another Wednesday of posting, though, so how about a bit of a ramble/writing update for today?

I’ve been really proud of my writing work ethic lately–and by lately I mean the past two or three days, not exactly long term. I’ve been staying on top of my daily poems, gone through a few drafts of a short story, and come up with an interesting direction for the novel I’m working on. I’m not going to meet my goal of having a novel draft done by my birthday, but that’s okay because my goals have shifted and changed how they needed to. Instead, I’m working on poems for submitting and for piecing together a small collection to self-publish. I’m working on short pieces, both fictional and memoir. And I’m working on figuring out just how to get everything out there. My poetry contest submissions were mailed out on Monday, and I spent an afternoon flipping through the 2013 Writer’s Market finding magazines and journals to send work to.

I’ve also been trying to work more on my desktop than on my laptop, to the point where I’m actually not using my laptop all that much, except maybe for a little bit of photo editing. I do still waste way too much time on my phone when I’m done working, and I want to cut back on that, too, but for now I’m content. My general rule is no internet before noon or after 9 p.m. It’s not hard and fast, because I do still check Facebook on my phone when I wake up, which I know is a terrible habit, but it’s a start. And I do get on the computer by about ten each day, so I get two solid hours or so of writing in before browsing the internet, if I choose to. Sometimes I do, sometimes I keep working. Sometimes I come to my blog and do a bit of both.

Really, I’m just trying to make writing my life. It’s always been my goal to do so, but even with the last year free from school, I really didn’t manage to throw myself into it until recently. I think I just didn’t know where to begin (aside from actually writing, of course), so I kept putting it off. I would overwhelm myself with publishing options, so I didn’t pursue them. I guess being totally broke is pretty good motivation, though, right?

And lastly, on the non-writing front: I’ve started watching “Girls” (thanks, HBO GO), am trying to stay on pace with my reading each month, and have been trying to keep the apartment at least relatively clean since we’re now at the “apartment showing” stage of moving out of here and into the house. Oh, and I’m counting down the days until my birthday (19). And it’s a Monday, which means it’s a post day! I’ll try to have something fun planned for then. No promises, though.

So how are you, dear reader? How is your day going? How have you been the last couple? What is your life story? Your dreams and goals? I want to hear it all.


7 thoughts on “Work Ethics, Writing, and Life

  1. I am definitely behind on my reading goals. I would like to be reading an average of three books a month, but I only finished two in March, and am not even halfway through my current book! Sometimes life just gets in the way.
    I’m also still plugging away on new portraits. I really want to get a small portfolio together to bring to local places to hopeful get some displayed and garner some exposure, but the thought of doing so kind of sends me panicking into a ball on the couch. So I’m taking it one step at a time, starting with creating lots of new art!

    • You should totally bring work to local places! I know exactly what you mean about being nervous too. It’s mostly work with zines and considering sending them to distros to carry that makes me nervous. (Also I’m kind of lazy but shhh, let’s not talk about that part.) I think it’s such a great idea to take a portfolio to somewhere local, though; you need to start somehow, right? And I’ve had a lot of friends who ended up selling things locally to start. It’s just a really good small step, I think.

  2. Ooh, lots of house stuff! And happy early birthday! Writing consistently, or at least getting the quality writing you want to when you sit down for more than 1 session is a good feeling. I’m glad you’re on a roll, even if it is just a few days!

    Girls is on my to-watch list (I seem to have a lot of to-___ lists these days). Otherwise, I’m just getting settled into the new job front myself, and trying to enjoy life for what it is, at the moment.

    • That’s so awesome about the new job, and I really hope you’re enjoying it! It certainly seems like you are so far. You’ll have to let me know what you think when you watch Girls. I’m kind of torn on it. But I keep watching, so I guess it’s not that bad.

  3. i have become a terrible reader. i know it’s something you have to make time for, but when i find myself with free time i generally want to make something so i end up choosing books or embroidery or baking over reading a book. one plus i have discovered is that all my hobbies require my hands and eyes but not really my brain (after initial intense planning making books and such is relaxing to me) so i’ve started listening to podcasts and books on tape. i feel like people can be judgmental about audio books but i love them because it means i can multi-task.

    as for writing, mine generally centers around blogging but since i’ve been trying to get all the details sorted out for my business (eep!) i’ve been doing a lot more “copy writing” type stuff. business plans, mission statement, trying to create the perfect about page. . . it’s sort of tedious but at the same time it’s nice to get all these business type ideas out of my head.

    i’m so happy to hear about your writing schedule! i want to start writing more poetry— hopefully after i cross a few big things off my to do list i can get to it. i also had a friend contact me who is starting a small chapbook poetry press and wanted to know if i’d do the binding for it… i haven’t really told anyone about this opportunity but i’m excited to see his business unfold and to hopefully be a part of it. it will be nice to work with poets and writers and see their work culminate into a handmade little book.

    dang, i guess i didn’t realize i had so much to say? thanks for asking though 🙂 good luck with keeping up the schedule— it seems like you’re off to a great start!

    • People can be so judgmental about audio books! And that’s really unfair in my mind, because I’ve never listened to one, but sometimes they’re just easier and more convenient for other people. It’s still the same information, just in a different form. And I know exactly what you mean about hobbies that use your hands and eyes, but not your brain. I’ve been listening to podcasts a lot while I knit lately, partially in an effort to catch up on ones I subscribe to and partially to engage in something a little more educational than most of my Netflix choices. Mostly I’ve listened to Welcome to Night Vale and Stuff Mom Never Told You lately, so I’ve got some fun and some educational.

      I’ve never gotten the hang of doing blog/business copy writing. It never interests me enough to really sit and do it, as many times as I’ve tried. So good for you for working on that! And good luck with both writing more poetry and working with the press if you choose to do so! I think that’s such a cool business your friend is starting, and I hope it goes well for everyone.

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