If My Blog Were an Outfit

If My Blog Were an Outfit

Yesterday, Kristin posted about finding the “If My Blog Were an Outfit” link up on Hairspray & Highheels, and though she did hers a day early (such a rebel), I decided to join in on the link up today. Plus, it was a nice little time-waster before kicking myself off the computer yesterday.

This is actually something I’d likely wear on a normal day (if I was bothering to put pants on), which I think makes sense seeing as my blog is like an extension of myself. I guess as I was putting this together I thought about three things: What do I blog about the most, what is the general tone/attitude of my blog, and what would I wear in real life?

The answers?

Well, obviously books and writing are a major component, so I had to include books and notebooks as accessories. I also have no shortage of Instagram photos of Charlie, so I had to include a little nod to cats in there. I mostly wanted to focus on a lot of small pieces of my blog’s personality showing up in this outfit, and it came through in things like the Wonder Woman underpants or the Deathly Hallows necklace.

I also like to think my blog is generally pretty relaxed (as evidenced by notย really having a schedule, although I’ll blog consistently if I have plenty of ideas), so I of course went cardigan, Converse, and a slouchy knitted hat for comfort, plus a convenient backpack for carrying all my books. I have so many knitted hats right now it’s a little ridiculous, but they’re one of my favorite things, so I just keep making them, which also fits the last component of what would I wear in real life. Of course, the answer to that really is all of this.

This was a pretty fun post to put together because it’s a creative little way to think about a blog, and it gave me an excuse to play around on polyvore, which I haven’t done in a while.

So what would your blog look like if it were an outfit?


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