Rad Girls: Shailene Woodley

3.19.14 / shailene woodley--bust mag
Everyone and their mom (and dad and brother, etc.) are probably talking about this girl, and I can’t really blame them.

I have to start by admitting that I was skeptical about Shailene Woodley at first. All my knowledge of her was based around “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” which from what I saw (most of the first season when it  premiered) was not the best quality. Fast forward to last year when it was announced that she would be playing Hazel Grace Lancaster in The Fault in Our Stars adaptation, and my interest was piqued. I decided to give her a shot again.

And I fell in love.

Not necessarily over her acting, because I don’t think I’ve seen her anything other than “Secret Life” yet (although I will be going to see Divergent this weekend). I just adore her personality. She’s passionate, adorable, and completely “hippie-dippie,” as she’s said.
3.19.14 / shailene woodley--bust mag
It truly started with her BUST interview, which I first read in the bath shortly after the issue came out and I picked up a copy. I started excitedly texting a friend because I adamantly believe Shailene Woodley and I could be best friends. When the article first says she showed up at the interview with mason jars of tea, my heart began to pitter-patter a little faster. When her answer to whether or not feminism was relevant in her daily life was, “One-hundred percent,” I started to swoon. But it was when she talked about reusable menstrual products that I fell apart and knew she had to be added to my list of intellectual soul mates.

Then came the Into the Gloss interview, which I think everyone is talking about (especially after Jezebel linked to it, apparently). It’s based more around her beauty routine (or lack thereof) and after reading it and checking out links to everything she mentioned, I fell even harder. I think I fell all the way to the bottom with this one. Fruit-dyed makeup? Washing your hair once a month? Eating clay? It’s not mainstream and it’s probably a little weird, but that’s what I love. She does these uncommon things and talks about them like they’re the most normal thing in the world–and to her, they are. But she also knows that there’s a time and a place for certain things, because even though she might want to wear sneakers and be fresh faced all the time, “to show up to something like Live with Kelly and Michael with Converse on and no makeup would be disrespectful.” And that respect for others is admirable.

I just really want to be her best friend. She seems pretty damn cool, am I right?


6 thoughts on “Rad Girls: Shailene Woodley

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  2. I too definitely have a girl crush. I love that she is okay to be who she is, despite the world having their eye on her. So refreshing, and something I think young girls (aka a huge amount of the audience going to see Divergent!) need nowadays! Side note: SO excited to see Divergent! I’m always skeptical of book-to-movies, but hoping it rocks!

    • I honestly haven’t even read Divergent yet! I’m doing a review comparison for the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, so I plan to see the movie, then read the book Saturday. I like to see movies first if I can so I can judge them on their own merit instead of spending the whole time comparing because I know I’m likely to be more loyal to the book (possibly to the point of not enjoying a movie at all) otherwise.

      • I should really learn to do that, though I am getting better at judging the movie as it’s own entity. But I do often dislike movies because I’m too focused on comparing them to the book!

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