A Hike at High Ledges, Western Massachusetts

4.12.14 / birdhouse
4.12.14 / frog pond/pond frog
4.12.14 / running water4.12.14 / twisty tree
4.12.14 / another burned down house
4.12.14 / landscape
4.12.14 / me
4.12.14 / me in a chimney
4.12.14 / western mass farmland
4.12.14 / remains of a burned down house
4.12.14 / farm animals

Dan decided he wanted to go for a hike this weekend and invited me along, saying it would be a light one. It wasn’t what I would personally consider “light,” most likely because I never go hiking in the first place, but it certainly could have been worse. We went during some apartment showings, so the timing was pretty perfect, although it was right in the afternoon so it did get a bit warm. Overall, though, not a terrible experience.

While the actual hiking wasn’t my favorite (though, like I said, not terrible either), I did thoroughly enjoy the sights. My favorites were actually while we were driving up to the trails, passing through some seriously beautiful farm country, and it was only by accident that we even found the animals in the last photo. We took a side road to turn around instead of trying to make a left turn on a busy road, and there they were at the end. I think they were my favorite part.

Having a farm with sheep and chickens and a big ol’ garden has been a dream of mine for a while now, so I always love driving around them when we go out. We live in a pretty farm-based area, with little bits of urban life scattered about, and I definitely appreciate the combination of environments. It has both beauty and convenience. Of course, it’s not exactly financially viable for us yet, but I still like to dream and do what I can, planning my garden for the new house and thinking about where I’d like to end up someday.

This wasn’t the post I had planned for today, but it’s definitely one I enjoyed experiencing, and sometimes it’s nice just to do a personal little unplanned post.


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