Conway State Forest + Record Store Day

4.19.14 / conway state forest
4.19.14 / conway state forest4.19.14 / conway state forest
4.19.14 / cyndi lauper she's so unusual
4.19.14 / the temptations greatest hits

We went on another hike over the wekeend, this time in a more woodsy, less openly scenic area, and although we planned to pick up some geocaches, we forgot the batteries in the GPSr were dying, so we only managed to grab one. Still, the forest and water scenery was wonderful, and even the uphill walking wasn’t quite as bad as the week before (though still pretty bad). I’ve always enjoyed water–lakes, oceans, brooks and streams–so it was fun to find a place full of makeshift bridges and tunnels in the forest, crystal water rushing down the tree-covered hills, all bubbly and foamy.

One thing I didn’t get a photo of, and I don’t know why, was the abandoned house near the parking area. It was big and red, and fairly well-kept aside from the broken windows. I think every window I could see on the house had been shattered. During our walk, I kept telling Dan there was probably a family of hillbilly murderers living inside, and when we got back to the car we’d find it unable to start because they would steal our spark plugs. Then they’d kill us and wear our faces as masks.

I watch a lot of horror movies.

But as it turned out, we got out of the woods just fine and ended up going to a nearby record store to see what they had for Record Store Day. It didn’t look like they had a lot of vinyl special releases, but I did go through a couple of bins of used records and find a copy of Cyndi Lauper’s She’s So Unusual (a veritable classic) and The Temptations Greatest Hits (even more classic), both of which are in excellent listenable condition, even if they have a few marks on them. I was worried The Temptations record might have issues because it has a big mark on one side, but it plays just fine.

In all, it was another good Saturday. It was a nice break from some worries, and I was full of energy and positive vibes for the whole day afterward.


2 thoughts on “Conway State Forest + Record Store Day

  1. HA! I absolutely love walking and hiking in the woods, but I too ALWAYS think there are serial killers lurking in them. So glad I’m not alone! I too have a love for horror flicks, and that has definitely influenced my thinking.
    If you love waterfall areas look into going to Diana’s Baths in North Conway. It is setup so you can either get really physical and climb on the rocks and waterfalls, or just take the trails adjacent tothem on the side, and pop in to dip/wade in the pools of water if you want. Nothing too difficult in terms of actual hiking!

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