From the Bookshelves of April 2014

5.5.14 / april books
When I looked back over my list of books read in April, I was pleasantly surprised to see I read more than I had realized. I thought I was only going to have four or five since the last, Quiet, seemed to take me so long, but I managed to squeak my way up to six. I did have one more from the library that I’d hoped to read, but I’ll have to save it for May’s list, I suppose.

An amusing detail about this month is that every book I read was an ebook. I didn’t buy a single book or get one from the library, so my plan for May is to read more physical copies than digital.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Before I read this I heard a lot of accounts from people saying they didn’t like this book in the series, and on the one hand, I kind of understand. On the other, though, I really enjoyed the surprise this one throws at you. I mean, I’m not going to lie–when I got to that part I wanted to throw my Nook across the library, and then I wanted to cry. I felt mad and a little bit betrayed (kind of like how I felt through reading Insurgent, too). I’d say the second book was my favorite, but I honestly still really enjoyed this one, as well.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The descriptions in this book were absolutely beautiful and a complete delight to read; however, I felt like a lot of the time they overshadowed the actual story. I didn’t always feel like I was invested in the characters. Sure, I was sad when bad things happened to them, but I felt nothing close to devastation or heartbreak. Still, it was enjoyable, just lacking in enough depth for me.

The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

This was my chosen book to review for IGGPPC this month, so if you want a full review, you can check it out there as usual, but the short version is that I enjoyed this book. A lot of people have told me they didn’t like the narrator, Sutter, and I can completely understand why. He’s probably a bad seed to most people, but I didn’t see anything genuinely malicious from him as I read, so I couldn’t help liking him, even if he made bad choices and wasn’t always the best for someone to be around.

Wonder Show by Hannah Barnaby

Is it terrible that while I remember what the story was about, I don’t necessarily remember a lot of the details? It didn’t really feel like the action picked up until towards the end. It was actually kind of the opposite of The Night Circus: this one told a lot about the characters, but didn’t have a lot of description. I enjoyed both, but I wish there were a way to combine both into the perfect circus novel.

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

This was a complete fluff read. I needed something easy, and I’d always been at least curious about this series, so I thought I’d give the first book a try since it was available as a digital library book. To be honest, it actually exceeded my expectations. It started out a little simply and a little rocky, but I felt like as it went on it improved stylistically. It’s not exactly a masterpiece or a hard read, but it can be fun if you need a break from books that just get too emotional for you, like I did.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain

This one was a slooow read for me because of all of the science aspects. The beginning was quicker, talking about seminars that the author attended, but once I hit part two, I think, I really slowed down with the discussion of amygdalae and high/low-reactive individuals. I learned a lot, though, and it actually made me kind of irritated at the world and its emphasis on extroversion (the “Extrovert Ideal,” the book calls it), but it also helped me look at introversion vs. extroversion in different lights.


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