Say Hello to Lexi, Our Newest Family Member

5.11.14 / lexi

A client/work friend of my mom is moving to Florida at the end of the week and was unable to bring her dog with her–sad face. My mom, however, had the bright idea of having Dan and me step in and take her since we were looking for a dog anyway. She’s nothing close to what we were looking for from the humane society (we were leaning more towards a lazy, low maintenance dog, and she is all about being active), but she’s very sweet. She and Charlie aren’t necessarily on the best terms yet, but I’m hoping they at the very least become civil with one another, if not best friends or anything.

5.11.14 / lexi

We were curious about how good she would be out in the yard, how much we would have to tie her up or keep her on a leash, and as it turns out in the backyard we can let her off the leash completely. She’s so in love with playing fetch and chasing tennis balls that she completely tunes out everything else. When she’s indoors and joggers go by the house, she’ll bark at them, I think mostly because she’s not used to them, but when we’re out in the yard, nothing matters but the tennis ball.

Of course, she’s also great for taking on walks. We went for frozen yogurt last night and took her with us, and surprisingly she didn’t want any of my froyo when I offered to share. As we walked, she was mostly interested in checking out various things besides the sidewalk, though there was a little tiff with a somewhat aggressive German shepherd across the street. In general, though, she’s all smiles and affection–at least for people.

5.11.14 / lexi

I think she definitely loves Dan more than she loves me, but that’s okay. I guess Charlie’s my baby boy and Lexi is Dan’s baby girl. There’s still plenty of love to go around, though.



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