How I Track Writing Submissions

Submissions Tracker Spreadsheet
A couple of months ago I started sending out my writing for publication, as you might remember, and I got my first rejection (and, since then, my second, as well). To be honest, I haven’t sent much out in about a month, although I’m finally trying to get back into the groove now that we’re done moving and unpacking, for the most part. I’ve settled into my work routine with my new job, so now it’s time to work on improving my writing routine.

But first, I thought today I’d share a little bit about my current submission process and how I track what’s out there waiting for a response.

As you can see above, I have a spreadsheet saved on my computer with information about everything that’s been sent: what it is; where/to whom it was sent; and when it was sent, accepted, rejected, and published. (Go ahead and click the image to make it larger if you need.) I can’t take all the credit for creating this, though. A template actually appears in the 2013 Writer’s Market, a resource I can’t underscore enough. When I found the template in the book, I immediately set up the file on my computer to start keeping track because I had been planning to begin submitting soon.

I’m sure it looks really simple, and honestly it is, but it’s probably one of the most useful files I have saved in my writing folder. I’m considering printing it out so I also have a hard copy to fill in, but since almost all of my submissions are done online, I don’t know if that’s even necessary. I’m also thinking about adding another column noting how I submitted–online or print, email or Submittable, because three of the pieces above have been through Submittable (which I love). The rest have been sent via email, and it might be nice to know which ones I can obsessively check the status of, since Submittable will tell you if it’s been received, in progress, and declined (or, presumably, accepted).

I know this is a pretty basic post, but I’ve found the spreadsheet useful enough that it seemed worth sharing. If only one person decides that this is as cool as I think it is and finds it as useful as I do, then that’s totally worth it to me. And if you already have your own system for submitting work (writing or otherwise), or just have ideas for how I could improve this, I’d love to hear them because I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some way to make my own system even better.


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