It’s Friday; I’m in Love #44

Added another bike to my collection tonight.New lip balms arrived today! It's so nice having money to buy handmade again.

I think this week has been entirely uphill! Tuesday I got another bike, making my collection a total of three right now, and even though none of them is in exceptionally ride-able condition, I’m hoping to get this one all set soon. It’s the most comfortable of what I have, so I kind of can’t wait to use it. Then I plan to sell my other two on Craigslist. It’ll be a bittersweet day when someone comes to take my red cruiser, Joan, home with them.

I also came home Wednesday to a fun package from mountainess on Etsy: lip balms! I only ordered the coffee, but was pleasantly surprised to find the blueberry in the package as well since I’d been so torn between a number of options, including the above, plus honey and maple. So far, I’m absolutely loving the coffee, though I’ve had to be diligent about not leaving them lying around for Lexi to try eating–which is exactly what happened to my eos that these are replacing.

Sleepy baby

But I think the best part of Wednesday was what (or who) came home with me: Stormageddon, the baby mouse. I walked to and from work quite a bit this week, mostly because all of the bikes were some level of messy like I mentioned, and it gave me a good opportunity to catch up on some podcasts. I have a habit of looking towards the ground as I walk, and as I made my way home Wednesday, I saw this little guy lying on the road, close to the side walk. It’s kind of amazing I saw him really because there’s a good two feet between the street and the sidewalk where I was, but somehow I did. (My dad and I are convinced this is all some fateful kind of series of events.) I nudged him with my shoe to see if he was dead, and to my surprise he reacted, so I immediately searched around in my backpack for something to carry him home since I didn’t know if I should touch him or anything. I found a glass bottle from my morning iced tea and a piece of paper, which I used to pick him up, and for a while I just carried him on the paper until he stumbled towards the edge and made me panic, at which point I attempted to gently slide him into the bottle, but he kind of just tumbled instead. When I got home, I checked how to take care of a baby mouse, especially since he’s so young that his eyes haven’t opened yet. A quick trip to Agway later, and I had some kitten formula and did my best to start feeding him. At this point, we’ve gotten into a pretty solid routine of feeding, and we’ve started hanging out on the couch a little bit. I’ll let him roll around on my chest for a while, usually before I feed him. Dan isn’t exactly excited to keep add Stormy to our already abundant menagerie, but this is a fight he will not win. Stormy is here to stay.

Oh. And we saw The Fault in Our Stars last night! It was quite an interesting experience. I found all the fangirls adorable because they were noticeably passionate. The crying was pretty audible, plus the gasping and the muttering about how much they love-hate John Green. It was a good time, and while the movie was a tad bit saccharine, it was still good, and it reminded me just how fucked up I was after reading the book, something I knew but didn’t quite remember the extent of since it’s been a while since I read it. I was in a funk today at work, and any time I was working on something that didn’t require a lot of thought (like the folding machine), I’d remember the movie and just get pretty sad. But still, a good time and definitely a movie I’ll add to my collection when it comes out on DVD.

a week of adventures! ♥ payday ♥ Anna & the French Kiss ♥ friendly customers at work ♥ doodling ♥ air conditioning ♥ trying to add more short stories and essays to my “read” list ♥ Wonder Woman vol. 2: Guts ♥ a fridge chock full of fruit ♥ chocolate croissants from the co-op for breakfast ♥ catching up on Nerdist podcasts ♥ “That 70s Show” ♥ being super close to painting the dining room ♥ scented candles ♥ having a big ol’ list of zines and indie books to buy soon

“It’s Friday; I’m in Love” is a (mostly) weekly gratitude post. It aims to remind myself and others of the good things from the past week, big and small; to share ways to make the next week a positive one; and to serve as a record to look back on for the not-so-great days to come. The title comes from the song by The Cure.


2 thoughts on “It’s Friday; I’m in Love #44

  1. Stormageddon is so cute! Also, I have now favorited a boatload of things from Mountainess – they all look so good!! I know I’m going to see TFIOS via Netflix rental when it’s out, but I’m torn as to how I’ll feel about it. I really hope the acting is solid, as otherwise I feel like I’m going to find it so cheesy and over the top. Maybe I’m a movie cynic, but I have a really hard time believing the movie will give me the same feels the book did.

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