Bicycle Love

06.16.14 / my new bike, ready for the road
Part of me feels like I should be doing some serious themed post or something (I haven’t blogged much about my writing in a while, but I promise I’ve been working on it), but I just really want to talk about my new bicycle.

I got this bicycle from Craigslist–my second bike purchase from there, and so far the more satisfying one–and I fell in love as soon as I found it. Firstly, it’s yellow. YELLOW. Yellow is such a happy, positive color; it’s easily in my top three favorites. Secondly, it’s the exactly style I was looking for. The bike I was riding before, a cruiser, was good, but it has its troublesome spots (mainly the gears), and it’s quite heavy. Before we moved here, Dan and I bought me a road bike, but as it turns out, I absolutely detest the handlebar style of road bikes. I feel much more stable with handlebars that allow me to sit upright than requiring me to lean forward, so I don’t think I’ve ever even ridden that one. My cruiser has comfortable handlebars, but like I said, it’s pretty heavy, and the gears only kind of work on it, so it’s not ideal.

Enter this beautiful Craigslist discovery.
06.16.14 / handlebars from above

06.16.14 / headlight and reflectors
I think Dan tried to talk me out of it because it was a bit pricey, but if so, he couldn’t have been trying too hard because, well, there it is in my yard. I asked if the seller could go a little lower, and she did, and honestly I probably should have asked her to go even lower because the seat was a problem and had to be replaced, but I think it’ll ultimately turn out to be worth the money. With only one car right now, traveling is a little difficult, and as nice as it can be to walk to and from work, on ninety-degree afternoons, it’s just preferable to get home in fifteen minutes instead of thirty.

After we picked up the bike, we brought it home for a little tuning up, but it was kind of beyond our abilities for the time being, so Dan dropped it off at a bike shop last week, and Saturday morning we picked it up with a brand-spankin’-new seat and some smooth brakes. If I’m honest, I’m still a little shaky on it because it feels quite tall, but Dan says it’s the perfect height for me in reality, so I’ll just have to get used to it, which I’m determined to do because I frickin’ love this bicycle.
06.16.14 / cycle counter

06.16.14 / gear shift
It came with a couple of cool, cute accessories, too: front and back lights, fenders, some big front reflectors, and a rotation counter on the front. I don’t actually like riding at night so I don’t know how much use the lights will get, but they’re still fun to have, and I’m not sure yet what to do with the information I get from the rotation counter, but if you have any ideas, please share, because I do like having it; I just don’t know what to do with it. Additionally, I plan to get a basket for it so I can pedal my little butt to the farmer’s market this summer and get a few things.

Truth: I have a hard time leaving the house by myself. It’s a personal victory every day I make it through work. So I don’t always ride my bike anywhere other than to and from work. I was beyond proud of myself the weekend Dan was away and I rode my bike to Walgreens for dinner (not that it was a very admirable dinner–candy and Arizona iced tea), and I hope to start exploring a little more. Before we moved, I used to walk or ride my bike to this little reservoir near our apartment, and I’d spend time there sitting beside the water, reading or writing and taking photos of the different animals that would come by. I want to find a new place like that here, somewhere to relax on a beautiful summer day with my bike and my words. I just need to find the courage to go out.

What’s your preferred method of short-distance travel? Do you like bikes as much as I do? Or do you not like them at all maybe?


3 thoughts on “Bicycle Love

  1. i love bikes! i don’t get to ride mine as often as i like anymore but i’m hoping to change that soon. i’m a short ride from work and there is a bike lane all the way there, but i get off at work between 2-3 in the afternoon and the heat is just so brutal during Tennessee summers!

    she’s a good looking bike though and you should totally be proud of each victory journey 🙂

  2. That bike is just so cute!! And although I don’t tend to sway towards yellow, I think it looks banging on that bike. I haven’t ridden a bike in years! I tend to walk places when I can. Now that I have a kiddo, I’ve realized just how peaceful it is to be able to take a walk by myself! I always take time to do so when she has a sleepover at Mimi’s house.

  3. the most adorable bike ever!

    i absolutely love biking and bikes. my last bike was cute and red and someone stole it and it felt like i lost a dear friend. then i bought a new cute pink one and i don’t miss the old bike at all cause it was in bit of a bad condition (which makes me wonder why would anyone go the trouble of stealing it in the first place). i live in a small city so i can basically bike from one edge of the town to an other and i love that. although i also live in the city center and baking among all the people and cars is a bit scary and frustrating.

    i hope you have many good biking days with your adorable new bike :>!

    xx Stu

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