Rad Girls: Demi Lovato

7.13.14 / demi lovato in seventeen magazine
Ugh. I have a wicked crush on Demi Lovato, man. She is an all-around inspirational babe. I was a fan back when she was on Disney Channel, right after she was on Camp Rock (but not because of Camp Rock, which I’ve never seen due to my personal aversion to boy bands), and I’ve just fallen more and more in love with her over the years. I remember being at my aunt’s house and watching Demi’s vlogs with Selena Gomez back when they were little Disney babies sparring with Miley over who knows what. I remember when Demi had a “breakdown” and punched a girl in the face while on tour with the Jonas Brothers. And I remember watching her come back from that and being so totally enamored with her. I sat in bed late one night while I was in school and watched the MTV documentary about her on my laptop.

To be honest, I feel like I still don’t know enough about her. I want to know everything (but not in a creepy way). I just want to read every magazine interview with her and watch every video of her, musical or otherwise; she’s the only reason I watched The X Factor last year. I mean, I liked seeing the performers and all, but I’ve never really been one for performance competitions shows. (I prefer Master Chef, if anything.) I’ll watch just about anything that she’s on at this point. I’m not really one to believe celebrities are obligated to be role models, but I do think she is one. I don’t even much like Seventeen Magazine anymore, but I danced around the house when the newest issue came in the mail and not only was she on the cover, but there was this section on positivity and self-love by her. My only complaint is that it was far too short. I would have gladly traded the entire Boys section for more Demi.

Plus, I think it’s cool to have someone be really open about the things she’s dealt with, as well. She hasn’t swept anything under the rug and ignored it for the sake of moving on and keeping a good image or whatever. She took what she went through and used it in a way that can benefit others. Demi really talks about problems she’s had and connects with people through them. It’s such a positive approach, and she seems like the kind of girl who would be an amazing friend, like she would be all about building you up and listening to you when times are tough and really helping you know that everything will be okay.

She’s definitely another to add to my celebrity bffs wishlist.


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