Boston Comic Con: Thoughts & A Haul


This is my, “I’m in a car for almost two hours one way,” face.

Saturday, Dan and I went to my (our) first Comic-Con ever. Ever ever. And boy, was it something. I think what I really liked about it was the size. The place wasn’t too small, but there was still so much to see and there were so many people. My favorite was definitely two girls dressed as Satsuki and Mei from “My Neighbor, Totoro,” with a sign that said, “We’re looking for our Totoro.” Somewhat disappointingly, I didn’t see a Totoro throughout the convention. At least not on the day we were there.
08.9.14 / comic con haul
I didn’t take a lot of pictures while we were inside because it was pretty crowded, and also I was too shy to ask if I could take anyone’s picture. But there were such great artists and cosplays. One was a full-size Dalek, which was already exciting, but it turned out that the person inside was a child, so I was even  more impressed and amused. I did pick up plenty of new stuff, though! I ended up doing about fifty thousand laps around the place, carefully considering every purchase I made.
08.9.14 / comic con haul
The one thing I feel badly about is that I didn’t get names of anyone whose art I purchased. I just completely spaced on it and forgot to make little mental notes. I can honestly say I love everything I got, though. I’m so into the styles and obviously I’m in love with the characters. I kind of can’t wait to hang everything up in my library. The only problem is I wish I had more wall space, but I think a gallery wall above my computer desk could work fine.
08.9.14 / comic con haul
Overall, despite the heat and the ton of people all in one room, it was such a fun time. I did have a few moments of mini panic because there were so many people, but it was worth it. I got some great stuff, talked to some really nice people (even though I hate small talk of any kind), and I definitely look forward to going again next year. I learned a few things from this experience (backpack, not tote bag!), and I think next year will go even smoother.


5 thoughts on “Boston Comic Con: Thoughts & A Haul

  1. I just went to my first con earlier this month too! I wrote about how I was shy to ask for photos but I got some anyway… I figured they are dressed up and they want to get noticed, so they will probably be overjoyed if I asked them for a photo… every one that I asked (which wasn’t much, maybe like 10 people) immediately dropped what they were holding and stopped what they were doing and let me take their photo 🙂 Hopefully the next one I go to I’ll be even less shy and will get much more photos! 🙂

  2. Love love love the pinup Jupiter and PB/Marceline! You got some great stuff. Seeing all these con posts makes me wish I went to a few this year, but budget blah blah blah. I’m hoping I can go to a handful of small ones next year, though. I’ve only ever been to NYCC (which is huge), but it broke me in.

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