The To-Do List: October

10.5.14 / our front door

We’re about a week into October already, but I’ve already started on my goals for the month.

Run/jog two to three times a week. This is one I’ve definitely started, having already run two days last week! I don’t go very fast or far, but I do notice myself getting a little better each time around. For now, though, I just want to focus on repetition, not necessarily leaps and bounds of improvement.

Read five books. Since I read less than a handful of books last month, my goal is to kick it back into high gear this month. Over the weekend, I put together a decently sized TBR pile, and I hope to work my way through it in the next few weeks–not to mention the NovelTea selection for October, The Graveyard Book, which is my first foray into the world of Neil Gaiman, so I’m pretty stoked on that.

Work on a new issue of Small Parts: Prose Poems & Mini Stories. Since I’ve just about finished the writing for OGBC #006, my plan is to jump right into a new issue of my creative writing zine as soon as I can. The nice thing is that it’s much simpler to put together, so it should be an easy goal. I’ve got a good collection of pieces to go through on typetrigger and in my poetry notebook, so I’m excited to put that together soon.

Get the house decorated for Halloween. Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, and now that we have a whole house to decorate, I definitely want to get on that. My mind has especially been stuck on ways to decorate the porch. I’m thinking lights, fake cobwebs, and plenty of pumpkins on the steps. (I also need to clean up the porch in general, though. It’s a bit of a post-construction trash can at the moment.)

And how did I do on last month’s goals?

Well, I didn’t quite finish OGBC by the end of September, but I got awfully close, so I’m not too heartbroken. I managed to do ten full pushups about three weeks into the month, so I’m really pleased with that progress. (I’ve got a bit of a flexible goal in being able to do twenty by the end of this month, but we’ll see.) Until it started to really get chilly out, I was spending a decent amount of time on the porch, although maybe not as much as I could have; I did take a nice bike ride when we had a small heat wave at the end of the month, though, and that was so satisfying. I sat in the park, reading and writing for a few hours. And lastly, not only did I come up with a name for my literary zine, but I put out a call for submissions and got my first submission last week. I think that was arguably the most successful project of the month.

So far, these posts are great at helping me not only stay on track with goals, providing some accountability, but also acknowledging my successes.

What are your goals for October?


4 thoughts on “The To-Do List: October

  1. I too need to get decorated for Halloween. I don’t know how the first week of October is already gone! Sounds like you did amazing on your September goals; I hope October goes just as well for you!

  2. How are we already a week into October?! But seriously, I need to get some more Halloween decorations up soon. I started putting some up in September, but I can never have enough. How exciting that you got your first submission for the literary zine!

    Good luck on all your goals this month!

  3. You house is adorably decorated and I love it! And really, a week into October already? Ugh, time.

    Sometimes I just assume that everyone’s read something — or everything — of Neil Gaiman’s, so feel free to keep me in check and remind me that, no, not the case xD

  4. I want to decorate for Halloween. I’m finally living in an apartment and we have a balcony and we’re having a Halloween party so I’m basically obligated to decorate! I just need to find the time.

    I just posted a list of fall activities I want to do in the next couple of months, but for October specifically, my main goals are 1. throw the aforementioned Halloween party and 2. finally record a vlog and start a YouTube channel (rolled over from last month, since I never got around to it).

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