I’m Breaking Up With Blogging

It’s not blogging; it’s me. (I couldn’t resist.)

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to delete my blog or anything, but I have decided I’m done with trying to do blogging the “right way.” This means the way that says blog posts should be a certain length to keep people interested or always have a photo or be teaching something. It’s the way that says blogging should alwaysalwaysalways be done on a set schedule because it keeps people expectant. Simply put, it’s tiring. It’s not fun. All it does is make me feel guilty or unproductive or forced or stuck in a cycle of comparison with other bloggers who aren’t even doing the same thing I am. That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

I’ve experienced blogging in a lot of different styles over the years. I started in middle school with little thought to who might read it; rather, it was the genuine online journal style of blogging. It was for me and maybe a friend or two.

Then, in college, I started getting into more serious blogging. I began with trying to chronicle my experience when I started school as writing practice but quickly tumbled into the blogging world as we see it now: schedules, sponsors, meticulous photography. Now I know a surprising amount about how to blog, but I still don’t have an interest in doing it that way, not like I used to when I first discovered the style. Instead, that Livejournal mentality has always stuck with me, and I’m now giving in to the fact that that’s how I prefer to do it, much like writing zines or journaling–so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to write a blog post when I feel like it without pressuring myself to have something done for certain days of the week. I’m going to write about what strikes me without focusing specifically on things that might be useful. I do plan to continue my recurring posts because I enjoy them and the ways they get me thinking, but other than that, there’s little to no plan.

The goal is to avoid forcing myself to do anything if I don’t want to, to avoid feeling like I’m not doing what I should–to ignore that idea of “should” altogether. I’m more writing minded than business minded, and it’s time I focus on that.


6 thoughts on “I’m Breaking Up With Blogging

  1. I think blogging should be first and foremost for yourself, regardless of how it’s done. I see blogging as something to enjoy and not stress about, no matter what method you use. Hope your new plan goes well for you!

  2. I feel that way too. I think all those “rules” about how to do a blog post are useful as guidelines, but the idea that “correct” blogging always requires well-lit photos or a specific word range to me just ignores the individuality of bloggers. I’ve always been more interested in what the content says and if it connects with me when I’m reading blog posts, so that’s what I usually aim for myself. Rules be damned.

  3. i’ve always been the most inconsistent blogger, cause that’s the only way i know how to do it :D.

    happy to see you are going to keep blogging tho (i got scared for a minute), in your own way!

    xx Stu

  4. I didn’t know there was a right way to blog! I like reading your blog posts because they are real and you write about things that you enjoy or something that you’re feeling, which is the best and totally relatable! I get tired of some bloggers who do mostly sponsored posts or release something everyday! Anyway, glad that you will be sticking around 🙂

  5. I’m getting frustrated with “the right way to blog” too; frankly, screw it. Do it how you want to do it. Because a lot of people — myself included — are being pickier about what they read and follow. And when I say everyone, I mean I know this for certain because I am actually a psychic.

  6. Good for you for recognizing you need to change your blog style to be more like yourself. I break one of the big blogging rules (not posting on a consistent schedule) but it works for me and It never felt right posting a couple short posts a week! I’m glad you’ll still be blogging 🙂

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