2014 in Tarot Cards

1.22.14 / tarot: queen of cups

The Year Ahead in Summary / Queen of Cups

Yes, it’s almost the end of January and I’m just now sharing my tarot spread for the year. But at least I did the spread on the first, right? In general, I’m pretty stoked about my spread. It’s got some potential for bumps, but what year doesn’t? With or without a tarot reading beforehand. I would say that, overall, it’s looking like a good year–and not just based on the Queen of Cups, or even the spread as a whole; the year so far has already been productive and positive, and I can only hope the majority of the rest will be just as pleasing.

I used a twelve-card spread with cards focusing on health, relationships, lessons, aspirations–a good variety of details for 2014. Interpreting was fun because with so many cards it was far more in-depth than I was used to.

The Interpretation, as taken from my notebook:

The last year was, overall, one of success, especially in overcoming (some) obstacles, big + small. An awareness of the universe as a whole proved itself a lesson–things work themselves out, and there is a bigger picture. The next year’s goals include taking action + concentrating, thereby achieving larger goals (writing). Find the motivation and focus to be successful; challenge yourself. Letting go, allowing yourself not to have all the answers will make endeavors smoother and more successful in the end. Don’t cling to control–trust the universe! The coming year will offer harmony among a number of people (Friends, family, work); struggles in work, with the inability to complete projects (find that motivation, that wild side, let things happen); drained energy and creative disruption, bringing you down physically (don’t let pressure hurt your health; and stunted sensitivity to others (listen to them and share your own feelings, but think before you speak). Be sure to take time for relationships. Make sure they are heartfelt. This year, take the time to learn what you want–what you really, really want–and take the steps towards it. Overall, the next year will be full of dreams, visions, and compassion. It will be spiritual, and intuition and the universe will reign.

1.22.14 / the nigel jackson tarot
One cool thing about this reading was that it feels relevant to my “one little word” choice for the year (which I’m not necessarily doing as an olw but rather as simply my focus for the year, if that distinction makes sense): challenge. I didn’t really try to put the two together, coming up with my word almost three weeks after I did the reading, but they seem to fit, and the word feels very right. Challenging myself is something I really need to do, and hopefully it’ll prove as good motivation to achieve my goals in 2014. I would say starting with this reading was a good challenge, as it was the largest spread I’ve done, with a lot of room for interpretation.

If you’re interested, the spread I referenced can be found at Biddy Tarot. I’m hoping to start writing my own spreads soon (another challenge to look forward to).


One thought on “2014 in Tarot Cards

  1. I just did my read for the year this weekend. I’m filling out my 2014 Leonie Dawson life workbook, which recommended Gaian Tarot, which has an app that was pretty cool since I couldn’t leave my house. I’m worried about a few of the cards, but there’s a positive and negative spin to each it seems. I’m also not too familiar with Tarot, but it’s something I plan to learn more about. I like your word. Good luck with everything this year!

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